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Research and Campaigns

Research and Campaigns

An important aspect of Citizens Advice is raising issues both locally and nationally. At Citizens Advice East Herts we help identify and raise the issues, injustices and improvements that our clients bring to us. We use this evidence to justify calls for change that affect people locally and nationally.

Local Research


A scam is a scheme to try to steal money, personal information or data from a person or organisation.

Citizens Advice East Herts found that, of those who reported being targeted by scams, 58% received the scams via email, and 45% via telephone.

See our Scams leaflet  for more information.

Scams Press Release

You can find out more about our Research and Campaigns work by looking at our annual bulletins.

Research and Campaigns Bulletin April 2018 – March 2019

Research and Campaigns Bulletin April 2017 – March 2018

Research and Campaigns Bulletin April 2016 – March 2017

Research and Campaigns Bulletin September 2016

Research and Campaigns Bulletin October 2015

National Research

Joining the Dots is research conducted by national Citizens Advice on integrating practical support in mental healthcare settings. The visual short summary demonstrates some of the issues that some of our clients with mental health problems face.

Volunteer Feedback

Some comments from Research and Campaigns volunteers

“I volunteered at Citizens Advice over the summer in Research and Campaigns with a project focusing on mental health. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I completed as it was incredibly rewarding to engage with a topic that is both sensitive and often stigmatized even today. Citizens Advice are fantastic to work with, the people are incredibly friendly and have a unique and strong work ethic. I would highly recommend to anyone, particularly students, to volunteer with Citizens Advice to gain valuable insight into issues within their communities and help shape policies to affect people’s lives for the better”

“Volunteering with Citizens Advice over the summer has been a really lovely experience. The team are so welcoming and lovely, and it felt really exciting to be part of the Research & Campaigns team, because I felt that through my work, I could enact real change in the local community. I have really enjoyed working on a Scams Awareness project, and using various different skills like research and communication (as well as creativity to design a leaflet),  to compile a project that I hope has had a worthwhile impact in the local area. I would definitely recommend volunteering with Citizens Advice to anyone interested.”