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The day-to-day experience of our clients often highlights unfairness or policies and procedures that are not working.

In addition to using this unique insight to support national campaigns by Citizens Advice, we also aim to influence decision makers and help to improve policies and procedures at a local level.

Over the last year our local campaign work has focused on these key areas:

Personal Independence Payments

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) is the most common issue of clients asking for advice on Benefits and Tax Credits. It made up almost a quarter of all Benefits & Tax Credit issues between March 2019 and August 2022. This research report analysed our data alongside National data to reflect issues and trends. We used this to create a social media awareness campaign to help people needing PIP advice and to campaign for change.

Cost of Living in East Herts

We are often asked about how the rise in the cost of living is affecting our clients, so our Research team analysed our data to create an easy-to-read dashboard.  Around 40% of our clients now have one or more issues that are related to the cost of living - with this number nearly reaching 50% over the last few months.

To find out more please see the full report.

Council Tax project

Council tax arrears in England have been increasing with more households struggling to pay it. As a priority debt this is a serious issue for many of our clients. This report analysing the situation in East Herts, was accompanied by a social media awareness campaign.

Ongoing Projects

We are currently undertaking research on Food Bank usage across the region as well as issues related to Housing.

If you have any feedback on either of these issues, or if you think there is a local campaign which is affecting local people, and you think we could help, please let us know by emailing

Join our Team

If you are interested in helping us raise awareness of critical issues which face our clients through research, analysis and campaigning please click here to get in touch.