What your donation means to us

Below are some examples of how much it costs to run our service:


The cost of providing advice varies depending on whether it is given face-to-face, on the telephone or by email, but on average this equates to £87 per volunteer adviser per week. However, for every £1 invested in us, we generate £22.22 in financial outcomes following advice, be that through debts being written off, benefits being taken up or compensation achieved for consumer problems. This means, if you could invest £87 in us, we can return approximately £1,933 back to our clients!


The average cost of running all our offices is £1,100 per day.


We have a well-developed training system in place for our volunteers. It costs on average £1,700 and takes about a year for our volunteer advisers to become fully trained and qualified, but they then stay with us for an average of 9.5 years!

 And finally ….


On average we need £225,000 per year to fund the whole of our core service.

Thank you for your support